Monday, October 24, 2011

27 teachers

There are now 27 teachers in our district involved in this project. I met with a primary team today... grades 1,2, and 3. Oh what fun it is going to be to see how this all applies at such an early age! Even comparing the survey for grade 1 to the one at secondary is pretty cool.

What is going to be so interesting for me is the focus on the kids at risk... and what that looks like in grade 1 compared to grade 10 or 12. Who are these kids, what is working, what is not?

We are adapting and changing things at each grade level in this project, but the main premise is the same - are we teaching so that kids can learn, and are we getting a good picture of what they really know? Do our kids that we are worried about even know that they have strengths?

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