Tuesday, November 3, 2015

There is no power greater than a community discovering what it cares about…

There is no power greater than a community discovering what it cares about… I am not sure who wrote this quote but I noticed it at one of our inquiry meetings and I thought a lot about it since.  I agree.  When we work together and move in the same direction we are so much more powerful than when we walk alone.  I have had three different experiences this fall that bring that quote alive.

INQUIRY:  Inquiry is a very powerful tool for moving us forward and helping us discover what we care about.  At the Indigenous Perspective Inquiry supper meeting last week, teachers talked about WHY it is important that all of us and all of our students learn more about Aboriginal culture and perspectives.  We talked about the history that we know so little about, about raising empathetic and knowledgeable students, about giving our kids “patience and time” in learning (Principles of Learning), and about providing culturally relevant curriculum that students can connect with.  As a group we are moving forward through questions and discussion, and through supporting each other as we learn more.

ABORIGINAL BOOK CLUB:  Based on some fabulous advice from Laura Tait (Nanaimo school district) and other provincial leaders in Aboriginal Education, we started an Aboriginal Book and Video Club three years ago.  Last week thirty of us met to discuss our seventh book “April Raintree”.  First we listened to an educator from our district share her story and bring the novel alive by making personal connections, then we shared our own responses.  This book club has opened conversation throughout the district, it has created a safe place to talk, and it has helped us as a community discover not just what we care about, but some first steps in what to do about it.

VISION SETTING:  I have had the chance to work with two schools this fall as they have looked at their goals and vision for the next 5 years; and then as they have made a plan to bring the vision alive.  When we are given the opportunity to dream collectively – there is a great deal of positive energy that is focused on goodness. It tends to bring out HOPE, optimism and a clearer picture of what we collectively care about.

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